At Friendswood Computer, we strive to provide quick, honest service for an affordable price.

Computer repair (house-call): $70 first hour, $25 each additional hour

Our computer repair service includes diagnosis and labor for Macs, PCs, and Linux laptops and desktops. If addtional parts are required for the repair, a quote will be given after proper diagnosis.

Computer repair (on-site): $60 first hour, $20 each additional hour

This option provides a quick and easy way to have your computer repaired, especially for those with a busy lifestyle. This option includes either free pickup or drop-off.

Home Network Configuration: $70 first hour, $30 each additional hour

Do you need a wireless network setup for your home? We can configure a router and your devices to all connect to each other and the internet. This includes smart TVs, game consoles, computers, printers, etc.

Data Recovery: $150

Hard drives can crash, and files can be accidently deleted. However, this does not necessarily mean your data is lost! With this service, we can attempt to recover your data (it is successful in most cases, depending on the state of the hard drive). If the data is saved, it can be transfered to a new drive for no additional charge. If the data cannot be saved, there will be no charge for this service.

Computer Upgrades: $70

Is your computer running slow? Are you running out of space? Are videos and/or games lagging? With this service, we can upgrade your harddrive, RAM, or video card (hardware charges are based on the upgrade, and will be given based on your wants and needs). This service can be done in your home or we can do the repair in our office.

Website Creation/Maintaince: $100 creation fee; variable fee per month for maintance and updates

Need a website? We can create your website, set up your domain name and email, and maintain your site! We can consult with you to decide what website layout would be best for you. If you do not wish to have us maintain your website, we can keep it running for $30 a month.

Getting an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment by calling or texting (832) 969-1657,
emailing us, or by going to our Appointments page.